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Call 540-812-4454 or use our online booking option to schedule an appointment time that works best for you and your stylist. 

Be prepared to put. credit card on file and have a calendar out to be able to schedule your appointment.


Come to your appointment with clean/dry hair to ensure that your color works properly.

BRING PHOTOS! We LOVE photos! it allows us all the be on the same page!

Be sure, that if you have an important event and you hope to have a specific stylist do your hair, that you book your appointment in advance.

Once you hair is done, we will walk you to the front to check out and reschedule.

**NOTE: We no longer accept gratuidies on credit cards. Cash and Venmo are the preferred options.

 Leave loving your hair! Telling ALL your friends and rescheduling for the next time! ;-)

Had an amazing experience?....The best way to thank your stylist is by leaving a google review!

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